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Find a Local Komfort Dealer

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Why choose a local Komfort dealer?

  • We strive to provide the greatest level of customer satisfaction possible; therefore we encourage you to buy from your local dealership.
  • Purchasing local will enable you to establish a relationship with that dealer, providing you with a convenient place for all service and support when needed.
  • Upon delivery to your local dealer, you will be provided with the opportunity for a thorough product orientation and examination to familiarize you with the many features and benefits of your new RV.
  • If you live in Canada and you purchase outside of the country, your RV must meet specific regulations before you can bring it home. These requirements may include additional inspections, certifications, taxes and fees, all of which your local Canadian dealer is an expert at meeting.
  • Your satisfaction is our goal and we work closely with our dealer partners to provide you with the best service. The relationship you develop with your local Dutchmen dealer as you choose, buy and care for your RV is essential to your ultimate satisfaction.